Project : Cornell Combined Heat and Power Plant

Cornell University — Ithaca, New York

CHA Canada provided the design for a combined heat and power generation plant based on two dual fuel Solar Turbines Titan 130 15 MW gas turbine generators and two Rentech heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) with supplementary firing. The combined heat and power plant supplies the Cornell University campus with electricity and heating steam.

Project Services:
  • Engineering services, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, building services, and instrumentation and control systems
  • Conceptual design and project definition engineering
    • Project cost estimate
  • Specification, selection and technical coordination for all major equipment
    • Gas turbine generators
    • HRSGs
  • Specification and technical coordination for a new enclosed coal conveyor system to replace an existing open conveyor located above the new plant building
  • Design of control system architecture and automatic control scheme
  • Technical coordination with control system integrator for implementation of new control system
  • Buried natural gas supply line (3-mile, 8-inch 950 psig)
  • Electrical substation with three main 115 kV/13.2 kV power transformers, supplying the Cornell power system with a combined capacity of 75 MVA
  • Water treatment system for supplying reverse osmosis water to the existing heating plant
  • Combined heat and power plant
  • Plant building