Steam Turbine Applications© by Jim Noordermeer (Former Employee)

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Considering both technical and simplified economic considerations, this paper describes how steam turbines can be applied into service for either:

  1. Electrical Power Generation
  2. Mechanical Drive Application

For a starting point in the Electrical Power Generation section, a BASE CASE for a typical industrial facility is described, illustrating the plant's existing electrical power usage, steam production and fuel usage profiles, without cogeneration.

Sequential examples, with illustrations, extraction maps and simplified calculations are then given, showing how a steam turbine generator (STG) could be integrated into the BASE CASE facility, to ultimately save money. The examples progressively increase in complexity, flexibility and cost, and decrease in overall efficiency, and include:

  1. Backpressure STG
  2. Condensing STG
  3. Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant - including a gas turbine generator and heat recovery steam generator.

In the Mechanical Power Applications section, a simple cost-and-performance illustration of the replacement of electric motor driven boiler feedwater pumps and boiler FD fans, with mechanical-drive steam turbines is provided.

The paper finishes with a general discussion on steam piping, turbine auxiliaries and exhaust/condenser configurations.

* For an illustration of how a gas turbine generator could be integrated into the same BASE CASE facility, please refer to the Gas Turbine Applications © paper.