Preserving Boiler Plant Efficiency by Better Maintenance© by Paul Durkin

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This Preserving Boiler Plant Efficiency by Better Maintenance paper was originally prepared for the EPIC Educational Programs Innovations Center Boiler Plant Efficiency Seminar in Toronto, in November 1997.

The first section of this paper reviews the establishment of a computerized maintenance/materials management system (MMS) for a boiler plant. The MMS discussed is based on the system that is being implemented at the Northland Power Iroquois Falls Cogeneration Plant, for which CHA Canada acted as the Independent Engineer. Topics covered include:

  1. Plan Objectives
  2. Plan Structure
  3. Organization
  4. Work Order System
  5. Materials Management
  6. Administrative Features

The second section of this paper examines measures that should be included in a maintenance program aimed at preserving boiler efficiency. Emphasis is placed on maintenance of the combustion process, particularly excess air levels. In this regard, maintenance of firing equipment and combustion controls is first examined. Other items such as fireside cleanliness air and gas leaks and blowdown are also discussed.