Cogeneration and Combined-Cycle Principles Workshop© by Jim Noordermeer (Former Employee)

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This Cogeneration and Combined-Cycle Principles Workshop provides an overview to cogeneration and combined-cycle powerplants, including primers on gas turbines; heat recovery steam generators; steam turbines and condensers; methodologies for executing a plant from conception through to synchronization and operation; and operations and maintenance concepts. Typical examples of simple-cycle, cogeneration, combined-cycle and combined-cycle cogeneration plants are provided.

Chapter 1 – Principles of Cogeneration

  1. The Case for Cogeneration
  2. Basic Cogeneration Cycles
  3. Process Heat-to-Power Ratio
  4. Cogeneration Cycle Efficiency
  5. Typical Cogeneration Applications
  6. Summary

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Gas Turbines

  1. Gas Turbine Concepts
  2. The Gas Turbine Assembly
  3. The Gas Turbine Package
  4. Newest Gas Turbine Technologies

Chapter 3 – Introduction to HRSGs

  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamental Parts of the HRSG
  3. Types of HRSGs
  4. Single vs. Multi-Pressure HRSGs
  5. Unfired vs. Fired HRSGs
  6. Post-Combustion Emissions Controls

Chapter 4 – Introduction to Steam Turbines and Condensers

  1. Steam Turbine Concepts
  2. Steam Turbine Exhaust Configurations
  3. Extraction, Admission and Reheat Considerations
  4. Steam Turbine Cylinder Configurations
  5. Types of Condensing Systems

Chapter 5 – Execution and Applications

  1. Project Execution Process
  2. Identifying the Opportunity
  3. Developing the Project
  4. Planning and Financing
  5. Design and Construction
  6. Commissioning and Startup

Chapter 6 – Operations and Maintenance

  1. O&M Concepts
  2. O&M Options
  3. O&M Considerations
  4. Staffing