Boiler Plant Replacement and Retrofit - Case Studies© by Paul Durkin

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This Boiler Plant Replacement and Retrofit - Case Studies paper was originally prepared for the EPIC Educational Programs Innovations Center Boiler Plant Efficiency Seminar in Toronto, in November 1997.

This paper reviews two recent boiler replacement and retrofit projects that CHA Canada engineered.

In the first project reviewed, a completely new replacement boiler plant was installed at the Henderson General Division of the Hamilton Civic Hospitals, Hamilton, Ontario. The new boiler plant contained three new "D" type package boilers rated at 15,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lb/hr of 125 psig saturated steam. The boilers were equipped with low-NOx, parallel flow burners that were designed to utilize Induced Flue Gas Recirculation (IFGR). Also included in the plant were new makeup, feedwater, and condensate systems, as well as a Bailey Infi 90 Distributed Control System (DCS).

In the second project reviewed, two new 110,000 lb/hr, 400 psig, 600 °F package boilers were installed to replace existing boilers at Cornell University's Central Heating Plant in Ithaca, New York. Engineering was also provided for the removal of two existing boiler feedwater pumps and subsequent installation of a new steam turbine-driven feedwater pump, the installation of a new pressure reducing-desuperheating station, plus the expansion and upgrading of the DCS, and extensive building modifications.

The paper finishes with reasons for retrofits, and examples of potential types of boiler retrofits are also discussed.