News : Take Your Control Systems to the Next Level: Saqib Khattak Published in District Energy Magazine

October 21, 2019

CHA Canada’s Saqib Khattak, P.Eng., has published an article titled “Taking Control Systems to the Next Level” in the Autumn 2019 Edition of IDEA’s District Energy Magazine.

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems are frequently interconnected to the electrical grid behind the meter on the customer’s side, which poses a variety of operational challenges. This makes it essential to have a control system that can interface with both the CHP facility and existing building systems. Load management systems (LMS) provide this critical link, allowing CHP facilities and building systems to work together to achieve desired outcomes. Read the full article to learn precisely how load management systems can maximize the functionality and value of CHP installations, ensuring that the power solution is resilient, flexible, and attains maximum operational and economic value.

Saqib Khattak, P.Eng. is the section manager of CHA Canada’s High Voltage Electrical Department. He has more than 25 years of experience, with a focus in power systems, smart grids, protection and control, and power network optimization. For more information on load management systems, he can be reached at