News : CHA Canada Celebrates Engineers Month!

March 29, 2019

In Canada, March is the month to celebrate engineering! March is Canada’s National Engineers Month. All month engineers have been spreading the word across the country about the exciting, fun and fulfilling careers found in the engineering profession.

CHA Canada joined in the festivities by highlighting our engineers and showing how they invent amazing. Below is a collection of the many ways our engineers are responsibly improving the world we live in. 

TransAlta Ottawa’s Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) HP Circulation System

Heather Thomas, EIT, is a Thermal Mechanical Engineer working on the TransAlta Ottawa’s HRSG HP Circulation System. Together with a dedicated team, Heather designed a recirculation system which will circulate and ensure mixing of the water during layups to maintain uniform water quality and allow for accurate water chemistry measurements to prevent corrosion and pitting.

This system includes a repurposed pump from another TransAlta facility to minimize cost, parallel flow paths to circulate through the HP economizer and evaporator, the IP evaporator, and the LP evaporator, and numerous valves and instruments. Installation is currently in progress and is expected to be complete this year.

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital (TPH) and Anne Klein Facility

Hailey Slamka, M.Eng., EIT, is assisting the CHA Canada team with its work on the design of multiple upgrades to TPH and the Anne Klein facility, including two chiller replacements, the installation of two CHP units, two backup diesel generators, and a boiler. Currently, the team is in the process of developing an overall single line of the two facilities.

As the electrical engineer, Hailey knows it is important to ensure that the existing equipment can support the installation of the new units and to make additional recommendations known to the client to ensure the installation is not only successful but also safe and compliant with all government regulations.

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Saqib Khattak, P.Eng., M.Eng., and the CHA team provided detailed design for the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center addition of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant to the existing central utility plant serving the 550-acre hospital campus. The installed combined heat and power system is expected to supply 54% of the hospital campus power usage and 96% of the steam usage, while providing the hospital with the benefit of reduced annual utility costs and improved energy supply resiliency. The project will also reduce campus carbon emissions by 83,120 metric tons.

The CHP Plant is based on one 7.5 MW combustion gas turbine generator and one heat recovery steam generator with supplemental duct firing capability to supply 80,000 lb/hr steam.  To further improve resiliency of energy supply, it incorporates load shedding and black start capability to support hospital island operation and to maintain hospital services during utility grid outages.

University of Rochester

Nik Terpak, P.Eng., and the CHA team have been assisting the University of Rochester with a multi-year effort to upgrade its 50+ year old 4.16 kV River Campus underground electrical distribution system to increase electrical reliability and redundancy to campus buildings. This project involves inspecting and assessing the condition of existing ductbank infrastructure, constructing new ductbanks, and installing new 4.16 kV cabling, network switches, and building transformers. As part of the design, the campus load growth forecast and future building locations are being accounted for as the feeder loops are reconfigured and re-balanced.

In the first three years of the project, CHA has designed the installation of approximately 5,000 feet of new ductbank, 12,000 feet of new cable and upgraded three building electrical rooms, all while limiting building outages to 6 hours.