Power Generation, Cogeneration, Combined Cycle

CHA Canada's expertise encompasses concept development and front-end-engineering-design and project planning, through project design and specification, construction, commissioning, startup and testing, training and postcommercial plant support, including plant upgrades and modifications and plant/equipment rehabilitation.

    From feasibility studies to complete design solutions, our thermal power generation expertise includes:
    Equipment: Applied in:
    • Aero-derivative and Heavy-duty Gas Turbine Generators
    • Single and Multi-pressure and Reheat Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
    • Once-through Steam Generators (OTSG)
    • Industrial/Cogeneration and Utility Steam Turbine Generators
    • Condensing and Cooling Systems
    • Reciprocating Engine Generators
    • Auxiliaries, Balance of Plant, Electrical and Instrumentation
    • Cogeneration - Bottoming and Topping Cycles
    • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Plants
    • Central Thermal Power Plants
    • Non-utility and Industrial Power and Steam Plants
    • Thermal Plant Repowering
    • Thermal Plant Upgrades
    • Thermal Plant Rehabilitation
    • Life Extension and Retro-fits
    • Performance Testing
    Our thermal industry-related specialties include:
    • Power Piping/Flexibility Analysis
    • Piping Dynamic Analysis
    • Power Plant Rehabilitation and Upgrades
    • Power Plant/Thermal Process Modelling
    • Plant and Equipment Performance Testing
    • Complete Electrical (LV, MV and HV)
    • Relay Protection, Metering and SER
    • Plant and Distributed Controls, SCADA
    • Civil and Structural
    • Foundation Design and Analysis
    • Reverse-Engineering
    • Environmental Upgrades
    • Peer Review
    • Owner's, Independent and Lender's Engineer